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Message Statistics plugin
July 9, 2012 — 11:11

Author: wadmin  Category: plugins  Comments: Off

This plugin provides comprehensive statistics on each sent message.

  • provides a summary of statistics for each message, and a chart of all messages
  • shows users who have opened, not opened, clicked, bounced and forwarded the message
  • shows opens and clicks summarised by domain
  • shows a summary of clicks for each link URL and the users who have clicked that URL
  • page through the sets of results, selecting the number of items to show per page, including showing all items
  • download each set of results
  • automatically shows openers of the most recent message
  • uses the admin permissions for page ‘mclicks’ to select the messages that can be viewed.
  • column headings are sortable
  • can select user attributes to be displayed as extra columns on each tab
  • translation of text into French, German and Traditional Chinese
  • help text for each tab

See the phplist support forum post for the installation file and instructions.


Graph of messages

Graph of messages

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